KOVEA Co., Ltd has been a leader in manufacturing portable gas appliances for the past 30 years in Korea. We have pursued greater quality and have overcome many obstacles in order to achieve the manufacturing level for this type of technical gas appliance.

As a leading outdoor company in Korea, we strongly felt that the products in the market lacked the quality needed for Korean climbers and thus poured all of our energy and effort into the development of superior quality products that could be trusted.

KOVEA first launched into the market with our portable gas appliances. We have made an enormous effort and continued investment into R&D for the ongoing development of better products. This pursuit of higher quality has allowed us to acquire various international quality certifications.

With the skillful know-how, efforts, and advances in new technology; KOVEA products have been loved and recognized by end users as one of the top sought after products. With this profound expertise we have transitioned towards a wider range of camping related products that extend beyond just portable appliances.

KOVEA sells these products with our own brand name and has affiliation with large and famous partners around the world on an O.E.M. basis. Many leading international companies are willing to collaborate in not only the development of new products but also in the mutual commitment to excellence; to form an ongoing mutually beneficial business relationship.

We are ready to start business with companies who want to achieve a higher level of quality and standard. Our promise is to manage Kovea with a knowledgeable systemic approach and creative vision and efficiency to achieve an increased level of output. We strongly believe that KOVEA has grown to be a prime example of an enterprise with visionary, innovative, and collaborative business relationships.